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Class Information

What Should Vaulters wear to Class?

Vaulting attire is similar to gymnastics attire. We recommend wearing leotard material pants that extend past the knee, fitted shirts, and soft soled shoes. When you sign up for a membership, your first pair of shoes is included. Members should also bring a pair of boots to wear around the horses when not vaulting. Additionally, all hair should be pulled back away from the face and secured in a braid or bun.


How long are classes?

Equestrian Vaulting classes typically last between 1 - 4 hours hours, depending on the number of vaulters in the class and the type of class. The length of the class can vary depending on the skill level of the vaulters and the complexity of the program. The instructor can adjust the class depending on the abilities of the vaulters, allowing more time for teaching new skills or refining existing ones. The instructor will also plan sufficient time for warm-up, cool-down, and stretching exercises. By the end of the class, vaulters should feel energized and accomplished.

What does a typical class structure look like?

A Vaulting class is an exhilarating experience for riders of all ages and skill levels. Our classes are designed to provide instruction in basic horsemanship skills while teaching the fundamentals of vaulting. Our classes are progressive and build upon the skills learned in earlier classes, allowing participants to progress at their own pace.

  • Class begins with Warm up and an overview of what will be practiced that day

  • Skills are then learned on the vaulting barrel in the gym

  • Vaulters move to grooming their horse and helping the coach tack up.

  • Horse time is where vaulters take the skills they learned and try them on the horse under the guidance of our instructors

  • The Vaulters then participate in cooling out the horse and untacking/grooming the horse.

  • Vaulters return to the gym for conditioning and flexibility work

What is a vaulting barrel?

One of the most popular components of this sport is the vaulting barrel. This apparatus is used to create a supportive and safe environment for the vaulter to practice their skills first before taking those skills to a moving horse. The barrel is typically made of metal and covered with a foam pad and cover with handles to simulate the space and equipment when on the horse.  It is used to teach vaulters balance, coordination, and how to trust their horse. Vaulting barrels are an essential tool for the sport, and allow for a safe and fun environment for the vaulters to practice their skills.

Safety Information

What type of footware should be worn?

Q: What type of shoes are required in the barn?
A: In the barn all kids and parents are required to wear boots or running shoes. No flip flops or open toed shoes allowed.


During Vaulting in the Gym or on the Horse - Recreational vaulters may wear soft soled shoes, water shoes or vaulting shoes. Competitive vaulters must wear vaulting shoes.

Q: What happens if I forget or lose my shoes?
A: We have extra vaulting shoes for purchase or rent if lost or forgotten.


Hair, Hoodies, and Jewlery

Q: Is it okay to wear my hair down while vaulting?
A: No, all hair must be pulled back including bangs as they might interfere with the vaulter's vision.

Q: Are jackets allowed during colder months?
A: Yes, a fitted jacket may be worn while vaulting on the horse. However, NO hoodies or loose clothing is allowed as it can get caught on the tack.

Q: What type of jewelry is allowed?
A: Simple stud earrings only are allowed. NO bracelets, necklaces or watches are allowed while vaulting.

Why do Vaulters not wear helmets?

Equestrian vaulting is a sport that combines gymnastics and dance on the back of a horse. While helmets are recommended for many equestrian sports, and we do require them when riding in a traditional format, they are not usually worn by vaulters due to the nature of the sport. Vaulting requires precise balance and movement, and helmets can be bulky and are a hazard for being caught on other equipment. Additionally, the helmet could obstruct the vaulter’s vision, making it difficult for them to properly perform their choreography. The lack of helmet use in vaulting is also due to the highly trained horses that the vaulters use. The horses are well-versed in the sport.

I really want my vaulter to wear a helmet. Can they?

At Fly High Vaulters, we understand that safety is paramount and our instructors will make every effort to ensure that our vaulters are safe and secure. However, in some cases, we may make an exception to allow vaulters to wear a helmet while vaulting. Please note that this exception comes with a caveat: wearing a helmet will greatly limit the amount of skills that our instructors can safely teach them. We will always strive to create an optimal learning experience for all vaulters and wearing a helmet will not always be the best course of action.

Clinics, Camps and Parties


At Fly High Equestrian Vaulting, we are passionate about sharing our sport with others! We offer clinics at our facility, and are also willing to travel to your barn. Our team of experts will provide quality instruction and help you learn the basics of vaulting in a safe environment. To ensure the safety of our students, we have certain criteria that must be met before participating in a clinic. If you’re interested in having us host a clinic at your facility, please contact us to discuss your query further.

When does Camp registration open?

Camp registration for the upcoming season will be open from March to May each spring. We also sometimes offer a special camp during spring break and Christmas, so be sure to check our website and Facebook page regularly for updates. We look forward to seeing you at our Equestrian Vaulting Camp this year

Birthday Parties or Private Events

Yes, we offer Birthday Parties options! Our parties are 3 hours long, and are limited to a maximum of 12 kids. All food and drinks must be provided by parents, and decorations are allowed as long as they don't include noise makers. Celebrate your special day with our equestrian vaulting party.

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