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Soar to new heights with Fly High Vaulters

Fly High Vaulters is a unique equestrian vaulting program based in Central Texas. Our mission is to offer a fun and safe learning environment where both youth and adult vaulters can grow in strength, flexibility, and horsemanship. We strive to create a positive atmosphere where all levels, from beginners to advanced, can come together to learn and practice with horses and coaches in a supportive community. Whether you are looking to pursue vaulting competitively or just want to take a few classes, Fly High Vaulters is the place to be!


What is Equestrian Vaulting?

Equestrian Vaulting is a sport involving gymnastics and dance performed on the back of a moving horse. It combines elements of balance, strength, and choreography to create a unique form of artistry. The history of equestrian vaulting dates back to ancient times, when it was used as a form of entertainment and skill-building for horse riders. Today, equestrian vaulting is a popular and competitive sport with athletes from all over the world.





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